The most creative, engaging keynote you'll ever experience

Flutterby will set the stage for your conference or special event, establish the tone for a successful fundraiser and leave your audience with a whole new perspective. It's honest and evocative, delivered in a novel, artistic way with visually arresting art, specially composed music and a story that draws you in and won't let you go.

Flutterby has two parts:

The two parts can be presented together or individually, depending on venue, program and your particular needs. It can include other educational components including a question and answer forum, panel discussion or teaming up with other health care professionals.

As an educational tool
Flutterby can be presented at conferences, meetings, training programs or special events. Its message is relevant to families, health care professionals, students and anyone who deals with patients and families. It can be offered by a company or institution to help relay a message of compassionate care. After the presentation, a panel or question-and-answer session can be included, making it eligible for continuing education units.

As a unique fundraiser
Audiences respond intensely to Flutterby. When the program was still a work-in-progress, 100 percent of the audience invited to a workshop performance wrote checks – some more than once – for its development. In the words of one viewer who attended Flutterby'spremiere performance, “It’s a privilege and a gift to see this. You want to give back.”

The program serves as a catalyst on many levels:
As an art exhibit
Flutterby was born from an artist's and writer’s instinct to reach out, to connect, to preserve, to understand and to transcend the pain and uncertainty of inescapable loss.

Andrea's sketches, watercolors and narrative offer moving insights into the role of art and self expression in life's most difficult moments. Your organization can create a special event that includes an art exhibit and the performance for an evening of stimulating visual and performance art.

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