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"For me, experiencing Flutterby was intensely touching and meaningful. It is an authentic and heartfelt meditation on the importance of being present every moment, even in the face of loss and grief. Following you on your journey to find simple ways to connect with your ailing father resonated with me. Having lost both of my parents, I could identify with the myriad of feelings and stories you express--about the child-parent relationship, about memory and identity, and about love. Flutterby is an important and exquisite portrait reminding us to nurture our humanity not only in the best of times, but in the worst too. What a lovely tribute to your dad, but also a great message and comfort for those in similar places. It was really beautiful--I'm happy I finally got to see it."
Tricia Bath, attendee at The Power of Stories Expo

“Although I am well aware of the many difficulties of Alzheimer’s disease both for the patient and for the family, her drawings and observations illuminated in a new and immediate way the moments of joy that occur in the midst of heartbreak. Her observations were thoughtful and honest and filled with warmth and compassion. Given the ever increasing numbers of people suffering from all kinds of dementia and the struggles of families working to provide care for their loved ones, I believe strongly that Andrea’s story has both great relevance and extraordinary appeal.”
John Parlin, M.D., President, Board of Trustees, Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute

“Having created a new way to communicate with her father during his lifetime, Andrea has now created another layer by inventing a new way of communicating with an audience - as she reads her narratives and shares her sketches from the stage. The power of her unforgettable performance was palpable in the theater. When the program was over, the audience stayed in their seats for several minutes, as if catching their breath after being deeply touched. Flutterby explores dementia, bereavement and end-of life issues from a medical, psychological and educational perspective. Since the program involves a universal experience - the loss of a parent - it can be a magnetic and powerful fund-raising event for nonprofit organizations.”
- William V. Strauss, Chairman, Strauss & Troy

“The first time we met to review your artwork I knew Flutterby would be a success. Not only are the pieces gorgeous in their original form, but the text is inspirational. At The Carnegie, we pride ourselves on allowing each patron to make a personal connection through art and creating an atmosphere that allows them to view things in a different way. Flutterby is a perfect example of how art can engage an audience and allow the viewer to find a connection to their own life.”
Katie Brass, Executive Director, The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center

"You did, indeed, touch our souls. That doesn't happen very often."
- Kathy Doane, former Enquirer features editor and Cincinnati Magazine senior editor

"Thank you so much for bringing Flutterby to hospice and palliative care professionals attending our Clinical Team Conference in Orlando, Florida. The response to your creative and poignant performance was very positive—it was a wonderful event to precede the conference and set the tone for the important work that occurs at the end of life and the perspective of family members who must navigate it. I hope that some in attendance will consider bringing Flutterby to their communities…Your voice is an important one—and we are grateful that you shared it with us."
J. Donald Schumacher PsyD
President and CEO, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

“Flutterby was a moving and beautiful addition to our [fundraising] event and was praised by many.”
Diana Bosse, Special Events Coordinator, Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati

A sampling of audience comments...

“A truly amazing exhibit and performance. That was a special evening that we will cherish.”

“I admire your delivery; honest, clear, not at all indulgent or exploitive of your emotion or manipulative of the audience.”

“It was transformational. So poignant. And also funny. … I want to see it again.”

“I found myself wishing I had seen this before, when my mother had dementia. It would have opened up ways for me to connect with her.”

“You didn't shy away from your voice – a beautiful, engaging, easy voice. You put everyone beside you in that room. It spoke to me.”

“You held my heart in your hand.”

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